Wednesday, April 8, 2015

History Club - Fun!

We have been enjoying being part of a LitClub & History Club this year.  (More about LitClub later...) 

For History Club - we are walking decade by decade through the 1900's - a lot of major history during this time period! We meet once a month and discuss, then each student has an assignment to work on until the next meeting.

Their assignment has been to select 20 facts from a variety of topics  ( i.e. - famous people, inventions, music, religion, daily life, etc. ) and to put those facts on a collaborative time line (we use TimeGlider) and to integrate them together into a unified presentation.

Creativity is the key here - the sky's the limit!

I absolutely love how this has stretched my kiddos into using technology and thinking up new creative ideas every month.  We've had Prezi's, board games, even a lego creation "Decade at the Museum"  - I may need another blog post!!

This one has to be one of my favorites - the new "movie trailer"  - Hope you enjoy it too!

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