Tuesday, April 28, 2015

No Fear Biology!

Have you ever heard you "can't" teach high school sciences at home?  Well, don't listen to them... it's more fun at home!

Dissections for example...  with a couple of specimens and tools - you're ready to go.  Plus, you don't have to share with lab partners, you get them all to yourself!  No scalpel happy friends dicing it up before you're ready.

YouTube has plenty of excellent videos to guide you step by step through the process.  And, you can pause when you want to.
Of course, my favorite part of HS science class was goofing off... and you can do that better at home too!  However, hiding crayfish parts in siblings beds is "off limits" :-)

Home Science Tools sells great, affordable kits - you can dissect just about anything - we did a worm, fish, frog and crayfish.  We got to see all the amazing internal structures, took our time exploring and cleaned it up fast. 

I haven't had this much fun...ever!  No more fear!!

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