Sunday, September 7, 2014

We survived!

We survived our first 2 weeks of school this year!  Thank God, they were shortened weeks (I'm so grateful for LABOR day!)

Here's a little recap:

 Introducing the newest musicians - a violin and the cutest cello ever seen!

Physics - on two different levels,  experiments everywhere!

Video science lectures,  lots of science reading....  did I mention - we have FIVE different science programs this year?  Apologia Physics, Biology, Physical Science, Elementary Chemistry & Physics and Science in the Beginning by Jay Wile (a new favorite!)  I exhausts me too!

La Clase Divertida - the spanish FUN Class - still fun on the THIRD time through :-)  Then out to our "great beyond" to construct some authentic American Indian homes.  Everyone used different resources to build:  Cliff dwellers, tepees, adobe, and longhouses... oh my!

Ended the week with our newest soccer star - T-Rex of the Mighty Megladons!!  

Is school this much fun everywhere??

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  1. What a great two weeks! I love it when our school looks that way. It didn't last week. However, we strive for more hands on all the time.
    Blessings, Dawn