Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pioneer Farm Field Trip!

We had a great day exploring the Pioneer Farms Living History in Austin, TX  They had a discounted homeschool day, so we hopped in the van and took advantage of our new found freedom (no strict co-op schedule to keep...) and hit the road to Austin.

It was hot, it is Texas afterall.  Made me realize - there is no way I would have survived the 1800's - no a/c!   Not to mention,  the not so lovely "necessaries, crappers, outhouses..." we learned all their names...

 Since we've been studying American History, this was perfect timing.  We got to experience "real" Indian teepees!

Check out the size of this Live Oak Tree (that's what they are named, it's not just because they are alive)

I know what they are talking about now... that beautiful Texas Sky!

Donkeys and painted cows...both reminded us of Grandma in MN...

They had a great Indian collection of weapons and arrowheads.  They also had a pretty impressive collection of actual, working Buggies.  The costumed characters made the history come alive.

Of Course - we had to make our first stop to Buc-ee's - a TEXAS sized gas station, for Icee's on our way home.  

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