Friday, September 26, 2014

Exodus 14:14

Do you ever have a verse, you've never seen before, suddenly appear everywhere?  Well, this is that verse for me!

Starting with the National Bible Bee competition 2 years ago, my daughter Lydia decided this was the one verse she could memorize for the summer.  I always tell them that God has at least one verse he want's them to memorize.  She picked it because it was the shortest...

However, this verse came alive for me last summer as I went through treatment for breast cancer.  Lydia has this one engraved on her heart and frequently reminded me of it when I was discouraged. 

And, of course - God keeps reminding me of it over and over.  My job is to be still, HIS job is to fight for me.

Now, this has become a precious promise... and I smile each time it appears in my news feed, my daily devotion, or even when I glance at the sign a precious friend gave me to remind me of HIS promises.

I'm so very grateful that the Bible is living and active, aren't you!

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