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The Student Keys Binder by People Keys: A TOS Crew Review

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From their website:
"The Student Binder by PeopleKeys  is comprised of six short workbooks that each reveal a critical aspect of a student's self-concept.
The workbooks were designed to be a simple and practical way for students to become more familiar with their strengths and natural preferences in areas of personality, learning, thinking, motivation, career choice, and goal setting.
Their strongest preferences are then applied to real-life relating, thinking and learning experiences. This simple, yet profound program gives students a greater understanding of themselves so that they may be better prepared to make critical decisions and set realistic goals.
Each of these workbooks is a tool for personal development specifically geared to acclimate students to their social and learning environment, to increase retention and to raise GPA's by revealing students' unique learning and thinking styles."
StudentKeys Binder Includes:
  • The Personality Style Workbook
  • The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook
  • The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook
  • The Values Style Workbook
  • The Career Choice Workbook
  • The Goal Setting Workbook
Cost - $49.00 (Individual workbooks are available for $13 each)

Bentz Test Laboratory was very excited to take a peek at the StudentKeys Binder!  Since I have a degree in psychology, with a minor in sociology, this was right up my alley. (be warned - my disclaimer on my degree - just enough to make me dangerous, not enough to make me helpful...)

My high school student was selected as my tester.  He was eager to jump in.  The StudentKeys Binder contains 6 workbooks that walk you through discovering your Personality Style, Perceptual Learning Style, Cognitive Thinking, Values and Career Choices and even Goal Setting.

We were both hooked with the first assessment - Personality Style.  Using the popular "DISC" inventory, he was surprised to see how accurate this quick test was.  He then proceeded to test everyone in the family.  We were all amazed to see ourselves so accurately reflected.  The workbook then helped him understand the characteristics of his personality and how his style helps him approach tasks, communication and more. 

A key to the workbook was taking the information gained, and applying it to building effective relationships.  Valuable life skills learning!

Each of the workbooks explored another aspect.  I think this was an eye-opener for him, and for me.  So much valuable information can be gained from one binder!  Every homeschool mom should investigate the Perceptual Learning Styles and Cognitive Thinking Styles workbooks.  I gained precious insight into ways to improve learning for each of my varied learning styles, and my tester worked on designing his own learning evironment with the resources included.  You do NOT want to miss this, it could be revolutionary - it was for Bentz Test Laboratory (and we still had 3 workbooks to discover!)
The Values Style, Career Choices and Goal Setting workbooks should all be mandatory high school reading, in my opinion.  Discovering what they value (and how that enters into relationships), what careers are suited to their unique make-up, and the how-to of setting goals are fundamental skills to master BEFORE leaving home.  Knowledge is power, and these easy-to-use workbooks will give your student plenty of power to succeed.

This is one of the most valuable tools we have ever reviewed.  It's arranged logically, the information is presented in easy-to-understand terms (don't need that pysch degree to understand this...) and it's infinitely practical. 

People Keys offers additional products to help you as well:  Be sure to check them out! Children's Profile, Student Strengths Report, The Personality Style Report, DISC Career Style Report, The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook, The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook, The Personality Style Workbook, The Values Style Workbook.

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