Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Presidential Game: A TOS Crew Review

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The Presidential Game

From their website:
"The Presidential Game is a fun exciting game of strategy where 2 teams battle for control of each state's electoral college votes. Play to win the most powerful office in the world!  Great family game for ages 11 and up."

 1 20" x 30" GAME Board 
 1 Score Pad, 3 Blue Dice, 3 Red Dice 
 80 Politics Cards
 40 "Write-Your-Own" Politics Cards
 150 Republican Votes (red chips)
 150 Democrat Votes (blue chips)
 1 Electoral WebMap™ Calculator Access Code -Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to keep track of your election results just like in the news!

Cost: $35.00

Bentz Test Laboratory went wild over The Presidential Game!  We are huge strategy game fans around here, and this game was a huge hit with all my testers.

The Presidential Game is an electoral race to win the Presidency.  At each turn - the player must decide either to campaign or fundraise in a state. The roll of the dice determines your votes. Of course, my testers all started out gunning for the large states - but quickly came to realize, how small states can have importance as well.  
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We can read and read and read about the electoral college and process, and not retain ANY of the information.  However, give us a game to play, challenge us, and make it intereactive - and we learn lessons that we NEVER forget.  I wish we could turn all our subjects into as successful of a learning adventure!

Some of the  highlighs my testers enjoyed the most
  •  The Politics cards which are used to earn votes, are humorous.  Even dad got in on the fun testing this game.  
  • The Electoral WebMap™ Calculator is a fun tool to make calculating your score effortless (for more math practice... don't let them use it, just don't say I said so...).

We love a game that is challenging, but not too difficult to learn.  The Presidential Game was exactly that - challenging, without taking huge amounts to learn how to play.  Each game took us around an hour to an hour and half to play - just right for our family.  Every game was a whole new race, so it never got dull.  Deciding who got to be Republican and who was Democrat could get a little testy with my testers... we'll have to work on that. :-)  

This would be a great supplement to your American Government/Election studies - wish we would have had it last election year.  You'll gain a better understanding how our country elects our leader and learn some useful geography along the way too!

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