Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation...Homeschool Style- Part 2

A highlight of our vacation was our visit to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN.  If you every get close enough to visit - do NOT miss this opportunity!

"The National Eagle Center is a world-class interpretive center located on the banks of the Mississippi River in Wabasha, MN. We are home to five rescued eagles, four bald eagles and one golden eagle. During a visit to the National Eagle Center, you can experience these magnificent creatures up close."

My son Luke, who has always been fascinated with eagles, was overjoyed to visit his feathered friends (we stop here frequently - since Grandma lives in the same city!).

 The National Eagle Center is filled with hands-on exhibits to teach more about these amazing creations.  You can climb inside a life-sized nest,  test the force of an Eagle's talons, experience their powerful vision, and more.

My cute little nestlings...


One of our favorite parts of the visit is the education session.   We even got to see Columbia eating her lunch - a big chuck of fresh fish! 

Luke had written a poem dedicated to The Eagle, and he gave the National Eagle Center a copy.  I have to brag a little... he's a wonderful writer (age 13) and he's homeschooled!  He gave me permission to share it with you as well.

The Eagle  

By Luke Bentz

There is a bird, who above me soars,
While I walk on valley floors.
Far above my head so regal,
Soars the calm, majestic Eagle.
He flies through joy, through grief, through strife,
He’s been above me all my life.
And when I’m consumed in despair,
His watching shadow is always there. 

He flies with me from dawn till dark,
The bird is with me on this journey that I embark.
He soars higher than any kite,
And never ceases his noble flight. 

He never stops, he never stalls,
And he never ever ever falls.
Far above my head so regal,
Soars the calm, majestic Eagle.  


 These are his two favorites - Wa'shaka the Golden Eagle and Columbia the Bald Eagle.

Our Family Picture with Columbia


Did you miss Part 1 of the fun?  - read it here.

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