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Institute for Excellence in Writing : A TOS Crew Review

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From their website:
"Teaching Writing with Structure and Style Set (TWSS) - "This powerful and inspiring seminar will transform the way you teach writing to children (and perhaps your own writing as well)! You'll learn how to incrementally teach students to write with clear structure and compelling style. Begin with the basics—rewriting a paragraph—and continue all the way into advanced creative and essay writing. Learn how to nurture excellence in writing and thinking in students of any age."

Cost: $169.00

Click here to view an excerpt from Teaching Writing: Structure & Style

Student Writing Intensive Level C Set (SWI)  - "Recorded live with Mr. Andrew Pudewa, this four-DVD writing course for students lays a solid foundation of writing skills, based on our Teaching Writing: Structure & Style syllabus. Over the course of 15–30 weeks, students will learn how to effectively use a wide range of structural models and stylistic techniques in their compositions, as they write on a variety of enjoyable fiction and non-fiction topics. Included with the student handouts are complete teacher's notes, source texts, assignments, and checklists."

 photo levelc_zps0b11fde2.jpgContains
Structure & Style Overview DVD for parents and teachers
• Four instructional DVDs for the student
• Three-ring binder with dividers
• Student packet containing scope & sequence, teacher’s notes, and student handouts for one student (about 100 pages in all)

Click here to view an excerpt from Student Writing Intensive Level C

Cost: $109.00

Save by purchasing Teaching Writing/Student Writing Value Package Level C - $249 (for both the TWSS & SWI-C)

Bentz Test Laboratory was forever changed with our introduction to Institute for Excellence in Writing.

 Let me describe our "before"...  my students write something (with much agony and anguish). Afterward the teacher (that's me,) reads it and says - "This isn't very good - could you fix it?".  More moans and groans, and the process is repeated.  Writing is not a fun subject, in fact - we avoid it as much as possible.

Then, IEW was introduced to Bentz Academy.  I learned the Structure and Style of Writing (yes, I said - I learned it!) with 9 units covering everything from Note Making, Summarizing, "Dress Ups", writing reports, "Decorations", writing from pictures, using multiple sources, creative writing, essays and critiques in the DVD lessons of Teaching Writing with Structure and Style Set (TWSS).  Andrew Pudewa taught ME how to teach THEM to write.

Armed with this new knowledge - we began writing anew.  But this time, instead of saying "Go write something" - I could systematically guide them along the path to excellent writing.  Learning how to "Key Word Outline (KWO)" opened the door for us to write well and gave us a new vocabulary to communicate with.  The beauty of this program is teaching the teacher how to teach.  The process will work with any material you choose, and with student after student.  It is a wise and worthy investment.

Our "after" - my children love to write!  They have the tools to write effectively.  Plus, with our shared vocabulary we can discuss what they have written, and make suggestions of how to improve upon it.  The "Checklist" is a valuable tool that I can use to grade their written work.  It's all clearly explained and outlined.  No more guessing - for either of us.

I wish I had been taught to write in such a comprehensive way...imagine college if only I had known the simple "KWO" technique!

We have been writing IEW style for the last several years, covering Level A and Level B.   For this review, we ventured into Level C with my high school age tester.

Student Writing Intensive Level C Set (SWI) is 4 DVDs of Andrew Pudewa teaching for you!  All we need to do is watch and learn.  It's a great way to get started with IEW, and learn right along your student.

Level C contains 15 lessons, and the SWI set includes everything you need - including all the student handouts and assignments. Designed for grades 9 and up.

My tester loves Andrew Pudewa's wit and humor.  The lessons in the SWI  are easy to follow along, and don't require much teacher preparation.  This level completes the material covered, and walks your student on the path of being a competent communicator.  I promise your student's writing will show improvement.  No more guessing - for student or teacher. 

With the ever important college essay's looming in the future - having an excellent teacher guide my high school tester's writing progress and development is a huge blessing.  Thank you Mr. Pudewa!

Other members of the TOS Crew reviewed Levels A & B, and another amazing curriculum Teaching the Classics. You will want to see what they have to say.
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