Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vacation...Homeschool style - The End!

Don't want you to think that our vacation was ALL learning!  We had lots of fun playing too!

My brothers-in-law actually built a WATERSLIDE in their backyard for our Fourth of July celebration!  I'm not talking about slip-n-slides strung together... an actual, big-time waterslide (that they re-purposed from a waterpark hotel)! 


 It was a wild ride (and a bit bumpy) down the steep hill of their backyard and into the Mississippi river!  The bigger you are, the faster you fly.   Lots of scrapes let us to nickname it "The Bloody Mary".  The kids LOVED it, Josh must have gone down a 100 times.  He'd get to the bottom and sprint back up the hill to go again!  I was a bit of a scaredy-cat, but went down anyway.  Don't want to live your whole life wishing you had just taken that wild ride, do you?  (my ankle is still recovering...)

We played on the river all.day.long.  It truly doesn't feel like summer vacation until we are on the boat!  Sam got right up waterskiing and did a great job. Fun times on the tube too...


How many kids can you fit on one tube anyway??

Watch out for the "River Shark"!
When is our next vacation... I need one!



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