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Couponing Made Simple by Christi the Coupon Coach: A TOS Crew Review

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From their website:
"Saving lots of money really can be easy if you know the secret simple steps.  Get Couponing Made Simple and follow the steps to  great savings!"

Cost -  $18.00 or just $4.99 for the e-book in Kindle format (purchase link available on Christi’s website).
This is for EVERYONE - not just the homeschool crowd..
Who wants to save some money, who NEEDS to save some money?
If you answered yes - you will want to get a copy of this book!
Couponing Made Simple  is NOT extreme couponing - you know, the kind that consumes your life, takes over your home and lands you on a reality TV show.  It's REAL couponing for REAL families - just like us.
Christi set out to be a good steward of God's resources and make her family's budget stretch.  I truly appreciate her reminders of WHO is ultimately in charge of our money - God.  We can use everything to bring Him glory - even our couponing!   A chapter on the ethics of couponing is one of my favorites - "Do you really want to answer to Jesus for your integrity for some savings on peanut candy?"   Love it! 
The 130 page book contains all the must-know information to get started with REAL couponing and saving your family money.   She will inspire, educate and walk you through step-by-step.  First, learn the language of couponing - BOGO, Stacking, Blinkies, Peelies, O.O.P and more (if you want to know...get this book!)
I've always been a couponer, with 10 mouths to feed - I learned this skill early on.  But, even if you are a long-timer - I promise, this book will teach you some new tricks.  The Tips & Tools chapter will save you the cost of the book right off!
One huge tip I took away, was to buy more newspapers.  Keeping a sharp eye out for the inserts, and having multiple coupons per item can really save you big.  We've always had one Sunday paper, delivered, read with coffee... but, now I will make a point to go pick up a couple of additional copies - purely for the coupons.  I know I'll save enough with them to pay for my "coffee subscription" several times over.  And to think,  we were about to cancel our newspaper subscription... :-)
Christi also introduced me to new ways to find coupons.  The internet is a huge resource, mostly untapped (for me) in this area.  The book doesn't specifically name websites (they come and go too fast) but, you can find Christi's Favorites here.
Check out Christi - herself!

I have several friends who take couponing to a whole new level, and Christi has inspired me to get in on the "game" of couponing.  I've gotten more organized, and even begun baby steps to finding great deals online.  I don't have unlimited time, but a couple of changes have led to time well spent. 

 Couponing Made Simple is motivating, the organizational tips are easy to implement, and you will begin saving right away. You will also find tips for saving money outside of just the grocery store at yard sales & thrift stores.  You will even find out how you can use YOUR couponing to bless OTHERS.  Yes, even couponing can be a ministry tool!

Thank you for sharing what you learned along the way Christi! 
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