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Badge of Honor by Susan Marlow and Kregel Publications: A TOS Crew Review

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Badge of Honor by Susan Marlow and Kregel Publications

From their website:
"Goldtown Adventures - Badge of Honor.   It’s 1864, and Goldtown, California, has seen the last of its Gold Rush days. But Jem and his sister, Ellie, along with an old prospector, “Strike,” are sure they can pan more gold in Cripple Creek. In the meantime, selling frog legs and firewood will have to  do. Then Pa becomes sheriff of lawless Goldtown, and Jem worries. How many outlaws will use Pa’s new badge for target practice? When the creek mysteriously dries up, Jem determines to find out why—and plunges head-on into danger."

 Ages 8-12

Cost - $7.99 plus $2.50 shipping and handling

If you like lapbooks - check out the Badge of Honor lapbook for $12.00 + $3.00 S&H or the downloadable e-book version for $7.00.

Combo set: Books 1 & 2 for $13.95.

FREE Study Guide available!  -

Watch to learn more about Goldtown:

My daughter is a HUGE fan of author Susan K. Marlow.  She completely fell in love with the Circle C Beginnings and Circle C Adventure Series.  Now, her brother gets a chance too, with the new Goldtown Adventures!

I barely had the book out of the package, and there was, shall I say "heated" discussion about which tester at Bentz Test Laboratory was going to get to read it first!

My 12 year son was quicker on the draw... and rode off into the sunset with his new treasure!    Badge of Honor is a great story, set in the 1800 Gold Rush days.  Full of excitement and cliff hangers - I didn't see my cowboy for the next couple of days as he went on an adventure with Jem, Strike and Ellie.

It's hard to find excellent reading material for tween age group.  The choices available are somewhat limited, and it's hard to find the balance of keeping them enthralled with a well-written story - espcecially a story that teaches a timely message about trusting God.  Susan K. Marlow has done just that with this series.

"Adventure, excitement, and I just couldn't put it down" were what my tester had to say when he finally surfaced.  "When can I read the next book?" 

If you would like to add more learning activities with Badge of Honor - be sure to check out the Free enrichment study guide.  It's a 24 page PDF file, filled with vocabulary, comprehension questions, extra history learning, hands-on activities and more.

We can't wait to read the next book... Tunnel of Gold  (Third book in series due in November!)

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