Thursday, April 20, 2017

SpeedyPrep: A TOS Crew Review




The Bentz Test Laboratory has been using SpeedyPrep to prepare for the Introductory Psychology CLEP Test.  Our tester is a Junior in high school this year, with several Dual Credit college courses on his transcript already.  

SpeedyPrep is an online, CLEP test preparation, subscription program. The CLEP is the College Level Examination Program, which is administered by the College Board, makers of the SAT. CLEP tests are a way to help earn college credit on your own by preparing for and passing a standardized test that demonstrates you have college-level knowledge of that subjet. 

SpeedyPrep offers 24 courses that will help your student study effectively to pass the CLEP exam and earn college credit.  CLEP tests are under $100 that's a small fraction of the cost of college tuition.Trust me on this one...we have a freshman in college this year, his credits are over $800 each!


SpeedyPrep courses are designed to meet the College Board requirements, and they even guarantee you'll pass the CLEP test if you get at least a 90-100% proficiency in their study sessions and take the test within 90 days. Pretty impressive.  

This is a very user friendly program.  After logging in, you can choose from many courses, and you can even work in multiple courses at the same time.  The program remembers your progress for you.

This program utilizes a "Flashcard" approach.  Each study section has fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice questions on content that could be included on the test. 

Students are not expected to automatically know an answer, answers can be left blank if unknown (which made my tester stress out a little...) 

 If the answer is blank or incorrect, the program presents a "flashcard" with the correct answer and a short explanation, a picture or diagram, chart or even video explanation.

The videos are short (usually under 5 minutes), blackboard style presentations of the material to be mastered.

The goal is to continue, with repetition, each section until achieving a 90-100% mastery.  Questions are repeated for reinforcement.  The progress bar gives you a visual of where you are at in the course.

 The study sessions are designed to help you review information that has already been learned, in order to study for the CLEP test.

Simply reading the questions, or watching the accompanying videos will NOT be enough to pass the CLEP alone.

My tester "thought" he might know enough to pass the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP test.  SpeedyPrep quickly showed him...he did NOT.  The questions are very challenging, and very specific to certain works of literature.  This was valuable information for his dual credit and college planning.

He really enjoyed exploring a variety of courses to see what he already knows by answering the questions.  In fact, the entire family got involved in it.  I was disappointed by how many questions I missed in Intro Psych - especially since I have a BA in it!  Shortened answers are recognized, but misspellings are not.  Once again, spelling counts :-)

He spent most of his time with the videos.  He really enjoyed watching videos that covered information he did not already know, and using it to increase his overall knowledge of a particular subject.  He still loves to learn, score one for homeschooling!

I have also been exploring  SpeedyPrep's courses on my own as an outline of information to be sure we cover in future high school classes at Bentz Academy.  This is a very helpful tool for homeschool moms that find themselves worrying they are not covering the right topics in high school.

Overall, my tester and I were very impressed with this program. It's a very useful tool for CLEP test study and preparation. One word of warning though, before investing the time in studying, make sure your student's future college will grant credits for CLEP tests. Not all of colleges do - check a list from College Board here . You can also see the minimum scores a school may require.

Since we were blessed to get a six month subscription, my college kid plans on doing some SpeedyPrep this summer and taking the CLEP exam to earn credits and save on tuition.


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