Thursday, September 1, 2016

Roadtrippin' - The way HOME

After almost 3,000 miles in the van (with NO Dvd player!)  we were ready for a quick stop to celebrate the 4th of July in Conway, and make it back to TX...

BUT, you know - we had just one more unplanned stop to make (we really went "off plan" this entire vacation!)

The ER!.  You read it right...the emergency room.  Our poor daughter had been sick the night before we left, sick the first hour on the road too.  (By the way, Easter buckets with Wal-mart bag inserts make excellent "catchers", and you can throw it away quickly at the next sto.pp)

About an hour later - she had a seizure.  Scariest moment ever.  God was looking out for us, and we were only about 10 minutes (I drove FAST) away from an ER.  They got her right in, and we spent the next hours finding out everything that was NOT wrong.  It was a relief that she seemed to get better quickly.

Turns out, she was severely dehydrated (which the ER said she wasn't) and she had strep (which they also said she didn't have)  Luckily, she was not pregnant (which the ER tested her for)  She's 11!!

 But, we are thankful it was a short lived incident, and we really hope to never vacation in the ER again!

My kiddos loved that I remembered to get a picture for the blog :-)

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