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Wonky & Tapple from USApoloy: A TOS Crew Review

 USAopoly Review

We LOVE games at the Bentz Test Laboratory!   So we were super excited to get to review 2 games Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and 
Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone  from USAopoly .

This is a company that is serious about games and bringing families together! Their goal is "to show our passion through each and every game we make."  They have been a leading developer and manufacturer of many well-loved games since 1994. Let me tell you a little about them.

Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game:

USAopoly Review

For ages 8+.  This fast paced building game is great for 2 or more players.  

The "Wonky" blocks are wooden blocks that come in three different sizes and three different colors.  Simply play a card from the 54 card deck that shows the detail of the block which you can add to your tower, or a special action to complete.  The first player to have no cards remaining to play, or successfully adds the ninth block to their tower wins.

A super easy to learn and fun to play game for the entire family! 

We loved the "wonky" shaped box!  One thing that drives me crazy is games with flimsy boxes... I'm happy to say, Wonky has a great, sturdy box!  But, it's not just the box we liked :-)   This is a very easy to learn stacking game,  you don't even need to be a reader to follow the instructions.  It also comes with a handy carrying pouch, so it makes the perfect grab-and-go game as well.

The stacking is a great fine motor control skill in this game, as well as the strategy skills to keep your tower from falling.

This one is a keeper!

Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone:

 USAopoly Review

Touch Activated Press & Play Letter Eliminator (TAPPLE) is a fun-filled word game for 2 -8 players,  ages 8+.

Simply choose a category from one of the 36 category cards, tap the timer and press the first letter of a word that matches your category.  You only have 10 seconds to complete your turn.  Once you have tapped your answer, pass to the next player.  Letters that have been tapped can't be used again - the pressure is on! 

Be the last player left to win the round, three rounds will win the game.  No spelling skills required! 

This has become a new favorite.  It's easy to play, anywhere!  It rarely gets put away (ok...the box isn't that great on this one - but, it totally doesn't matter because the cards are all stored in the back of the game!)  This is one of our favorites to take with us for waiting room entertainment - ballet, doctor's office, soccer...

This game is fun all by itself,  but you can easily adapt this for some "covert learning missions" too by making up your own category cards.  I'm thinking science terms might be our next TAPPLE challenge.

We highly recommend both ofthese games.  They were super easy to learn and fun to play - for even my youngest testers!

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 USAopoly Review

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