Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Quilt... the beginning

This is going to be a couple of posts to tell the entire story.  But, here's the beginning:

My son and I had the amazing privilege of returning to India this August.  We were part of a multi-state team doing ministry in Chennai, India.

One of my roles on the team was as a speaker for the Women's Conference at the church we served at.  My topic, handpicked by God, was "The Fabric of a Woman's Life".  Basically, comparing our lives to a quilt.

My team leader "suggested" that it would be nice to leave a handmade quilt there as a marker of our time together.

Oh my... have I told you how insane this summer has already been??  On top of my already crazy life, I've been struggling through Hashimoto's (finally finding out what was causing that complete exhaustion!)  I thought,  "I've got nothing to give..."

But GOD - he shows up in HIS power when we are finally at the end of our own.   He gave me a picture of the colors this quilt should be.  Then,  my dear friend Pinterest, gave me a vague idea of a design.

I actually had to do all the math (many of you are truly seeing God's hand now!) and created the design and pattern from a picture.

My sweet 12 year old daughter and I took off to the quilt store.  As soon as we walked in, we saw the perfect colors.  We bought the fabric in the morning, came home, and working together finished the entire 300 piece quilt top in the afternoon.


It was a project way beyond ourselves...but, God managed to use our hands to sew a beautiful marker of his love.

Another dear friend - a master quilter, gladly offered to machine quilt it on the long arm machine and created the perfect quilt label.   The end result was a collection of each of our gifts - plus the hand of God. It much more than we dreamed!

I'll tell you more about the story of the quilt and the ministry of it in a future post.  Stay tuned!

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