Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Remember the Alamo!

I could field trip all the way through K-12!  Now that we find ourselves in San Antonio, TX - a whole new buffet of field trip choices is ours to choose from.

March 6, 1836 was the epic end to the Battle of the Alamo.  So, what better way to celebrate the 179th anniversary of this event than to get up and haul sleepy kiddos to the "Dawn at the Alamo" event...beginning at 6 am on a frosty 29 degree morning?

Of course I'm that crazy...but, you already knew that!

The Alamo is beautiful all lit up in the early morning hours.

 Costumed historians treated us to a glimpse of what it may have looked like...and sounded like!


 What a fun way to study history.  Memories of "Victory or Frostbite", the sounds and sights, and time with friends = Best history lesson ever!

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