Friday, March 20, 2015

Institute of Texan Cultures

I think I should just field-trip all the way through school....

We took a day to visit the Institute of Texan Cultures here in San Antonio - what a treat!

So many hands-on ways to learn history, and culture... why settle for a boring textbook?!

Taking our friends with us, makes the learning even better.  We started in the "dome" a theater above and around us...

Yeah for Texas!  Horses, cowboys and even a quilt of cattle brands...

Some people crazy enough to follow me on my adventures...

Ready for some one room school?

 But, more here than just "Texas" - we saw cultures from all over the world!

The best part of our day... the sweet, old docent who taught us how to spin and weave!  Now, my girls want their own spinning wheel.

Don't settle for just reading about it...get them out to experience it!

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