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Critical Thinking Company Review


Designed for K-5th grades GPALOVEMATH is a streaming online math program that can be used on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari 6 and 7.

Each level has a different animated "Learning Coach" that guides your student through a Lesson - Practice - and Quiz. Each grade level has over 150 lessons and you get access to all K-5 levels with your subscription! This is a super nice feature if you want to work above/below a certain grade level. By completing 4-5 lessons a week, you can finish a grade level in approx. 10 months.

A subscription is just $129/yr. per child with promotion code GPAINTRO15 (reg. $149/yr.) or $12.99/mo.per child for the month-to-month subscription. You can even try it FREE for 30 days by signing up here.

We are at the point in the year where math has ceased to be any fun...anyone with me? The Bentz Test Laboratory took advantage of 5 different levels of GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN . My testers LOVE this program!!   

First, you simply set up your parent account, and each child.  I like that I could do this very easily, and even added their picture to personalize their account with just a click.  They like seeing their own face after they login, and with multiple testers - it helped them make sure they were doing the correct level!

As they work through each lesson that is unlocked on their learning path (some are arithmetic, some are geometry, etc.) they are led through the lesson by their "Learning Coach".   My testers loved that each of them had a different coach - a Penguin, a Robot, an Owl, a Detective & a Superhero.  Meet the "Learning Coaches":

The animation is good, but their voices need a little smoothing out - they all kinda sound robotic.  Not a big deal to my testers, it bothered me more than them.  The lessons introduce the concept and new vocabulary. I found that GPA Math contained many new concepts that we hadn't covered yet, and the novelty was helping make math fun again.  Yeah!

After the lesson, the practice section lets them work through questions - without any penalty for wrong answers, and Learning Coach assistance with a click.

Finally, they take a 10 question quiz.  If they are not happy with their score, they can retake it and improve.

A fun feature of this program is that YOU get to set the rewards!  We can pick and choose which rewards our child will receive by completing lessons. The program gives the parent the option of letting it automatically set up rewards using the 5 most popular parent rewards, or you can select your own customizable rewards. There are over 100 rewards to choose from! I choose the top 5 - things like "staying up an extra 30 minutes" & "Choose what we have for dinner" were a hit with my testers.


Parents get an email each time your student completes a lesson.  I really liked seeing these - you can see which lesson, how long it took and their quiz score. 

Lydia completed a lesson!

Hey Renita,
Lydia has just completed a lesson about Name Angles.
Lesson Quick Summary
Date and time started: [03/18/2015] 05:29 PM
Date and time completed: [03/18/2015] 05:48 PM
How long did it take?
(Minutes & Seconds)
Instruction Completed
Practice Completed
Quiz Master
12 correct out of 15
Badge: Excellent
At any time, you can always audit the lesson to have an engaging chat with Lydia.
Love Learning,

Weekly summaries are also sent via email detailing how many lessons, time spent and their scores. 

This WeekTotal
Nice Job00
Try Again00

Lesson TitleDateDurationOutcomeInstructionPracticeQuiz
The Number 9Mar 11 20156mRockstar Skipped Completed 10/10
OrientationMar 11 20151mRockstar Completed Skipped 0/0
The Number 8Mar 09 201515mRockstar Completed Completed 10/10

We really are enjoying GPALOVEMATH - it's been just the thing we needed to bring back some "math love" at this time of year!   Be sure you check this one out!

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