Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We Love Mail Days!

We love mail day...

No one does mail better than my Kris...

Not only did she bring a smile to everyone's face, she got them motivated to write (in the summer, no less!)  Her simple challenge to make up a story for "Dino Doug" has turned into an all-out, story-writing blitz.  Everyone's in on the action.  I couldn't make them write this much, but the letter inspired a new found excitement around here.

The moral of this post - even if the post office drives you crazy...(that's another post!)  Keep on writing letters. No, texts and FB won't cut it,  you need real paper and pens, some stickers and of course a stamp.

A little creativity, and the thought behind it, goes a long LONG way these days.  My favorite - Kris' rhymes are a certain mood lifter...  That's the power of words!

Maybe you should send us a letter?  We love mail days!!

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