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Parenting Cards by We Choose Virtues: A TOS Crew Review

We Choose Virtues Review

We Choose Virtues Review

Parenting Cards by We Choose Virtues - 

Cost: $38.49   
Great for Ages 3-11

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"Words of hope spoken over your child will inspire change" - my favorite quote from the Parenting Cards by We Choose Virtues.  

Teaching character intentionally to our children is our most powerful tool for changing the world!  The Bentz Test Laboratory was delighted to test out a handy new product to help you be more intentional in the words and actions you are teaching to your children.  

The Parenting Cards (available in either NIrV or KJV) feature 12, 5x7, two-sided cards printed full color on heavy cardstock.  They come in a handy zipper bag that help you teach important virtues like:
We Choose Virtues Review
  • diligence 
  • helpfulness 
  • perseverance 
  • gentleness 
  • contentment 
  • attentiveness 
  • honesty
  • kindness 
  • self-control 
  • patience 
  • obedience 
  • forgiveness 

Each card features an "I am" statement on the front of the card, helping your child begin to visualize the virtue being taught. The 12 cards cover 3 simple rules (Be Kind, Obey, Be a Helper) with the 12 different virtues to focus on.   An easy-to-remember definition of the virtue, what the virtue is NOT, and the focus Scripture are all included on the colorful front side of the card.   

We Choose Virtues Review
The backside contains several teaching tools parents can use to help the virtue stick:
  • "User challenge" - a virtue related challenge for the day - like not saying "I'm bored" for an entire day... 
  • "What to say after "I'm Sorry" - part of teaching the proper response, can be the repentance after the wrong response, this section helps you walk through this step together.
  • "Teachable moments" suggestions you can use to help reinforce the virtue in hands-on ways. These suggestions are easy to do, and really make a lasting impression!

Additionally, each card introduces another character from "VirtueVille" - an easy way for your child to remember the virtue with a catchy character.

The cards are a handy way to keep the focus virtue visible. I decided to choose a virtue for the week, and posted it on the fridge, best place to get their attention...where the food is.  "I am Helpful!" was our first virtue. With our recent move, there is plenty of opportunities to use this one!

At lunch, we discussed the virtue, read the card together and did some of the teachable moments throughout the week.   This is just the type of easy-to-use, but highly effective teaching tool that I love! 

 A simple demonstration of leaving objects lying around, and seeing who will be helpful by putting them into their proper places, resulted in some very good family discussions.

Always up for a challenge, my testers enjoyed seeing who could best master the "challenge" on the card for the day (finding 5 extra things that need to be done, and doing them without being asked.)  I think we may stay on this virtue challenge for awhile... a lot of unpacking got accomplished!  I've even been known to reward the challenge winners with a sweet treat, stickers may work for your kiddos - but mine know that chocolate gets results!  I'm not above times. :-)

 Displaying the Parenting Cards is perfect as a gentle reminder to everyone, including me, of what we are intentionally focusing on. 

This summer is a great time to get out the Parenting Cards and Choose Virtues together! 

The Homeschool Kit  is an optional add on you may want to consider, it includes the following downloadable items for just $7.99:
  • Teacher's Handbook - 48 pages to with ideas to implement this into your classroom
  • Family Character Assessment - printable self-assessment to see where you are.
  • Coloring Pages - 15 pages of printable coloring pages to introduce you to the characters in VirtueVille.
  • Butterfly Award - a great incentive tool.
  • Sing-along-Song sheets - catchy jingles to help the virtue stick.

Some members of the Crew took a peek at the Youth Virtue Journal - another great tool you should take a peek at.  

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