Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pause... and Reset

Pause... and Reset - two words that keep coming to mind during our moving transition.

Pause.  Stop, cease, be still.  Take a breath.  Look up.  Selah.

I even have a daughter named after this important process.  How is it that I so frequently refuse to participate in a pause?

Our calendar in AR was completely booked solid.  Ballet, piano, speech therapy, violin, soccer, Life Group, Real Life, homeschool Co-op, Perspective class, reviews, church, doctor appointments.  run. Run. RUN.  Every minute of every day. No time to pause, no time to cease, no time to be still or breathe.

Here's our calendar before our move (it's from Home Educating Family)

Here's our calendar after we moved - can you spot when the moved happened?

Pause.  Thank you God!

Reset.  Change. Reboot. Rework.  Renew.

A move is a reset button.  Time to reset your belongings, your priorities, your commitments.   Even as I unpack, I keep resetting.

 Do I really need/want this? Who really needs 3 set of measuring spoons, or outdated spices, or old magazines?

 Do I even like it?   I've never, ever liked some of the stuff we have.  Why do I keep it?

What fits comfortably in our new life and space, what was something we did out of pattern or habit?  Some of our activities in Arkansas became a rut we were in.  We continued to plow through the schedule, stuck in the pattern of doing some activities because that was "what we always do", or even doing them to meet the expectations of others.  I think God "reset" our schedule so that we could consider carefully and intentionally what needed to stay and what needed to go.

I'm loving more unhurried time on the beautiful mission field that God planted in my very own home.  Time to connect with my children's hearts again.  Time to remember how much I love and admire the man I married. Time to renew my interest in hobbies long buried in the demands of the schedule.

God's resetting my focus on educating my own precious children.  With no Co-op (that I dearly loved) comes no default school plan for us - we have to pray, listen and act on what God is speaking to us for our next steps.  I'm ever grateful for my season with our Co-op, but excited to see what God has in store for us this coming year.

I love that God designed a pause and reset for us.  All you have to do is move! :-)  Just kidding... I think you can do this right where you are.  I'm just difficult to reach, so God has to move me!

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  1. My experience has been that keeping the Sabbath as God designed it from creation, has been such a blessing to me. It's a weekly pause and reset for our family. :-) He is so good and His ways are so good for us. I'm thankful to have such a loving, Heavenly Father. I wish I knew a long time ago what a blessing His instructions to us are. Praying you find a consistent pause and reset in Him.