Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Standing on the WORD

We decided the carpet had to go!  After all, who puts carpet in a dining room?  Certainly not a family with eight children :-)

This gave me the perfect opportunity to cover our floor with Scripture.  We did this in our first home.  Actually,it was in our schoolroom.  I know that this room had a different feel, and I believe it was the power of God's Word that we were standing on.

So,  I gave everyone a sharpie, and turned them loose...

Essie chose to draw some pictures.  I'm not sure exactly why she picked Samson and Deliah (our new neighbor's dog is named Deliah...)  But, she was in on the action.

Luke, my lover of words, inscribed long passages.  (sorry about my toes...)

More Chloe and Essie illustrations


This one gets me - everytime.  Guess who wrote it...  Kris.

Spelling isn't one of Lydia's strongest subjects, but I do love her heart.  

Not surprisingly, Sam's verses reflected the Great Commission.  Can't wait to see where God takes him.


Selah's were, of course, in pink.  Plus, she added the Bible Bee Focus verse for 2014, very fitting!

Wisdom words.  Truth.  Foundations.


 Noah goes straight for our mission - "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord!"

My homeschooling verse!

A new (Old) favorite!  

The part that most surprised me - not one child hesitated - even a moment.  They all had favorite Scripture they wanted to make sure to embed into the very center of our home.  What a treasure we have hidden in our hearts.

Doesn't the finished product look beautiful too...

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  1. I love it all...the kids involvement, the writings, the floor. What a great opportunity.
    Blessings, Dawn