Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday Traditions with the Bentz Bunch

It's "Birthday Season" around here! 

We have bunches of birthdays in this house.  Starting in March - we have 2, April - 1, May -2 (plus an anniversary), July - 2, August -2, and October.  Whew...done just in time to head into the holidays!

We love celebrating each and every birthday.  We have tons of family traditions to go along with this special day, how about you?

Here are a couple of ours:

Birthday Person picks every meal of the day.  This can be whatever they choose - we have had "all breakfast" birthdays,  "from the grill" birthdays, and everything in between.  For this day only - I am the willing short-order cook but, just for the birthday person!  Birthday cake is almost always (except for rebel kids) Angel food cake with strawberries and the special "Bentz Glaze Recipe".

Sixteen (the oldest) and Four (the youngest)
What else...Poptarts for breakfast!
Birthday Journals - I am appalled at the cost of greeting cards, aren't you?!  Upwards of $5 - just to be thrown away?  So, years ago - I stopped the madness and bought everyone a journal.  Each family member writes a personal message to the birthday person.  We can read them back year-to-year.  This has become one of most treasured family traditions.

Gifts - with 10 of us, this can get crazy too!  So, I started another tradition.  "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read...& something misc." (I think a kid added the "something misc").    It gives a limit to our giving, and makes the shopping more fun to try to find something perfect for the "category".

"Something you want" - Yes,  2 Fancy mice & 2 Glow fish joined the family this summer :-)

So, what are some of your favorite birthday traditions?


  1. Oh yeah. The journals. I'm glad you blogged this. I wanted to remember about the journals. Such a great idea.

  2. I love the journal idea! That is wonderful. We keep a journal of what we are thankful for and add to it each Thanksgiving. We love that. This birthday journal sounds like a perfect match.
    Blessings, Dawn