Monday, April 15, 2013

American Girl - Kirsten

American Girl Club - Kirsten is back on track!

This meeting we focused on some necessary skills for every pioneer girl... mastering threading the needle!

For our project, we bravely attempted 2 projects this meeting, we made Bunny Pincushions and Braided mats.

I'm getting wiser - I pre-assembled all the pieces for the bunny into a ziplock bag first. The body, tail, eyes, whiskers, ears - even the precut thread and needle.  It made it so much more streamlined for them.

Our braided mats/rugs went over well too. The girls enjoyed the braiding.  They taped the strands to the table and braided outward.  After the braiding was done, they wound and sewed small holding stitches.
It's been so much fun to see our girls master threading the needle.  I know it seems simple at first, but - with 13 young ladies... they had to learn patience (and so have we!).  I'm grateful that even if they never become fans of sewing - at least they'll be able to thread a needle.
Our Half-Pints had fun making paper hats! 
And the MCA (masculine club of awesomeness for those who don't know them)  were doing a push-up contest when I walked by....
We have something for everyone here!

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