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READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System : A TOS Crew Review

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READS Parent/Child Reading
Comprehension System
by EGM Educational Systems, LLC
From their website:
"The READS system helps you work with your child to improve reading comprehension skills efficiently and painlessly."
Watch a short video to see how it works!
  • Designed for elementary grades 1-4.
  • Works with any reading material.
  • Effective for readers below, at or above grade level.
  • Provides an easy method to verify comprehension.
  • Conforms to Common Core States Standards
  • Helps develop critical thinking skills.
  • Improve children’s ability to express themselves verbally by promoting conversations between parent and child.
  • Makes reading homework fun and rewarding for both parent and child.

COST - $19.95

What is included:
Question Cards and ring (30 questions designed to help you ask the right questions!), READS Parent’s Manual Describes how to use READS with your child.  Rewards Chart & Stickers, the Magic Finger – the "fun part!", Reading Guide Strip - a place marker that highlights the line to be read, Speedy Speller –  contains 1,400 words along with commonly used abbreviations, numbers, symbols, punctuation and more.  All stored in a resealable plastic pouch.

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Sometimes, the most effective teaching tools come in the simplest packages!   EGM Educational Systems, LLC has created a powerful teaching tool in a very simple package. it's called the READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System.

The Bentz Test Laboratory is filled with avid readers, making it difficult for mom to keep up with them!  The handy question cards were an effortless way for me to quickly check to see if they were comprehending what they were reading.  "What surprised you when you were reading?" (easy) to "Give a specific example of when you heard the author using his or her voice. Be able to explain what message the author was trying to convey to the reader." (robust)  The questions are varied in complexity and are all designed to make your child think about what they read.  Best of all - you can use them with any books!

The Magic Finger - a tool to help train those little eyes to stay on the line they are reading was a BIG hit.  I thought it looked a bit "creepy" to me, but - of course, that was what made it appeal to my young tester...

 Along with the Reading Guide Strip - these simple little tools effectively corrected his eyes from jumping around the page and improved his focus, but he thought he was playing!

My next tester is a horrible speller (it's true!) So I handed her the Speedy Speller and told her it was her very OWN spelling handbook she could use whenever she was writing to help look up the spelling of words she wasn't sure of.  If she couldn't find it in the 1,400 words listed - we added it.  She loved knowing it was HERS, and since it's short and not "dictionary-like" - she actually used it.  (dictionaries intimidate her...anyone relate?) Bingo - an instant improvement in her writing!

Stickers and a Reward chart are also included...  what young kid doesn't love stickers?!  My only request - we need several more of those included in each pouch!!

The Parent's Manual offered great suggestions (especially if you are new to this teaching reading skill) for using the tools, as well as an explanation of the reasoning behind the questions from your cards.  A list of reward suggestions is included to help you get started.

All in all - this is quite a valubable reading tool, for a great price!

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