Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our Trip Around the Russia: Final Stop - Let's EAT!

I promised - you do not want to miss this!  What fun is taking a virtual trip to Russia, without stopping to eat?

Our menu:

The Main Course: Chebureki (meat piroshki)  This link takes you to my Pinterest board, so you can see some of the other great Russia ideas/activities I found - but, that we didn't have time for.

I modified the recipe a bit.  First, I completely cheated by using frozen bread dough.  You have my permission to do the same, it worked perfectly!

We also left out all vegetables (on request of  participants).  And, we used ground beef and ground sausage (instead of ground turkey) because that is what was on hand.

We subsituted again with the spices - I was out of dill, so we used Italian Seasoning instead.  It was very yummy...maybe not very "Russian"...  Welcome to the way I cook :-)
 After our meat mixture was done, we took small handfuls of the meat, and wrapped the bread dough around it - pinching it together. 

When the little meat pockets were complete, we heated cooking oil and fried them until they were golden brown.  Our batch of bread dough made a ton of these, and it was a good thing too.  The older, teenage boys devoured them.  They were a home-run hit!  I already have requests for these to be added to the regular menu plan.

And, for dessert:

Ukraianian Honey Cake

This was wonderful!  I didn't make this one, sorry - no "in process" pictures.  It was spongy and slightly sweet.  Plus, it gave the cooks a chance to use a double-boiler (Christmas present).  If I had made it - it would have been microwaved :-)

2 Desserts - for lunch?!  We are really, really loving this type of school! 
Shokoladnaya Kalbasa (chocolate sausage) -  All I can say - it didn't last long, so I'm glad I snapped a picture for you.  This was AMAZING!  I think I knocked a couple of kids down to get more before it disappeared!

Truly, one of most memorable meals...ever. If you want learning that is fun, and makes memories that last - take your kiddos into the kitchen - and be sure to leave American food behind!

So,  where does "Our Trip Around the World" go next...   stay tuned!


  1. Love this! Thanks for the Pinterest board. My teen does Russian for his foreign language and he loves it.

  2. Yum!! what a fun trip for all of you around russia, nothing beats the foods!

  3. I can't get the picture out of my head of you taking out the kids. Too funny! You definitely wrapped up your study on a high note. Well except for those few unlucky kids. :)