Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Trip Around the World: Part 3 - The Wild Side!

Okay...I know I promised our next stop was the food.  But, we almost forgot to take a peek at the wildlife! 

We couldn't visit the land of Tundra, Plain, Swamp & Pennisula (our geography vocabulary words - we are making flashcards) without stopping to meet some animals that call Russia home.

One of my favorite Usborne books - The World of Animals - a great reference, full color and filled with internet links too!

Love how you can use the iPad (not ours, but our friend's) to find information at a touch of a finger, and display it on the TV screen so we can all see it.  This is a "Musk Deer" - it has tusks - wild!

We completed our lapbooking pages that came with Expedition Earth.  We plan to keep them all together in our "Travel Scrapbooks" ,what we've nicknamed their 3 ring binders, and put our lapbook together near the end.

What an amazing collection of animals God created - Lemmings, musk deer, seals...oh MY!

Promise - our next stop is the food...  Trust me, you don't want to miss it!

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