Friday, May 20, 2011

Word Qwerty by Talking Fingers

Word Qwerty by Talking Fingers

Wordy Qwerty, a software program by Talking Fingers, teaches children spelling rules through a series of engaging lessons and activities. The intended age range is 7-9 (2nd-3rd grade). It is available as an online option, or a CD-Rom.

The hosts, two talking keyboards (one a computer keyboard, the other a piano keyboard) encourage your child to earn spheres and points to help make a Marveleous Music Machine, your student is taught to recognize patterns in each lesson and then is provided with the rule. A catchy song for each rule is included to help aid in retention.

Each lesson has six activities and games for your student to complete: Patterns Game, Karaoke, Recycler, Pop-a-Word, Write Stories, and Read Stories. The games are engaging and give the student more practice with the rule. Full game descriptions are available at the website.

You can try it out for Free here

Wordy Qwerty is another resource for solid teaching of the spelling rules for beginning spellers, as well as a remediation tool for older students. A online license is available as a 1-year license for 1 user at $25, up to 5 users for $71.25. A CD-Rom version, complete with an audio CD of the spelling rule songs, is available for $35. Visit the Talking Fingers website to learn more or to purchase.

My two daughters...I like to call them "Sugar" and "Spice" were are official Bentz testers for this product.

They both loved playing it, loved the songs, loved the characters...Love, love, love.

"Sugar" is older and reading well - but spells terribly. So, I thought - this will be good practice for her. While she enjoyed her time in the test laboratory with Word Qwerty, I didn't see much improvement over in the school room.

However, "Spice" literally begged to do her "computer time" every day. And, to my surprise - she retained alot of this information - and took it to the schoolroom with her!

So, my lesson for you is...know your children's learning styles!

Word Qwerty may be just the tool you need...

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We recieved a complimentary trial in exchange for our honest opinion.

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