Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mad Dog Math

Mad Dog Math-

Designed to model the method Julie Kotoff, a veteran teacher and administrator, used in her 3rd grade classroom – this program keeps track of students work, and moves them progressively through levels until they become “Mad Dog Top Dogs” at math.

Students from K-grade 5 are encouraged to spend 10 minutes each day practicing with Ruff, the program’s mascot. (who was named after Julie’s beloved Golden Retriever, Mad Dog sounds better than Cute Dog...don't you think?)

The program has 4 levels. Level 1 and 2 are addition and subtraction facts. Level 3 is multiplication and division, and the challenge level mixes all the operations for what is called “mutt math” and mixes operations for “kennel trouble”.

The children can time themselves with two minute, one minute and 30 second time limits. If they complete all the levels in under two minutes, they receive a “sticker” for the “Two Minute Club”. then they will earn their One minute Club and Thirty Second Club stickers, too. When they have earned all their stickers they are a “Mad Dog Top Dog”.

A free trial is available for download on the site. It will entitle the user to use the first fact family for three levels. A user’s key is required to unlock the rest.

You have several options when ordering. For $19.95 you will receive a one year license. For an second year, (2 years total) it is an extra $10.00. ($29.95) For $10.00 more, ($39.95) you can buy a perpetual license that never expires.

There doesn’t appear to be a limit to how many students may use the program,but it is for single family or classroom use. There is no master or parent account though, so the parent would have to log in as the child to see the progress made.

Practicing math facts is rather like pulling teeth around here. So, I really enjoy having a variety of methods. Mad Dog Math is easy to use, in a simple format that can help you be ready with another approach.

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