Friday, May 13, 2011

Student Writing Intensive - IEW

Student Writing Intensive - Level A by Institute in Excellence for Writing
Why didn't someone teach me to write this way? Really?!

Institute for Excellence in Writing has a huge repuation, and it's earned it.

As part of the TOS Review Crew, I was sent a complimentary copy of the Student Writing Intesive - Level A combo in exchange for my honest opinion.

Here's the "official description" -

The Student Writing Intensive is a DVD course for students that can last 15-30 weeks, depending on the student. This makes a family’s introduction to IEW even smoother as the main teaching is done by Andrew Pudewa himself on DVD. Teacher notes, student handouts, and more are included to make this the easiest writing class you’ll ever prepare. Student Writing Intensive comes in three different levels. Cost $99

Level A – Choose this level for students in 3rd-5th grade or younger.

The Portable Wall saves wall space by having writing models and information on a tri-fold pocket folder for the student to use. Cost $7.00

This package differs in that the Teaching Writing with Structure and Style (see more about that item here) course for the teacher is not included. Instead it contains the Structure and Style Overview DVD with handouts. What’s the difference? The Overview disc condenses the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style course into a 2 hour 20 minute journey through all nine units in the IEW syllabus. It is more of an overview and if the parent intends to use the Student Writing Intensive DVD lessons only it will give them a background in the method. Cost $10

We were able to open and dig into these awesome resources immediately!

The testers at Bentz laboratory were all ready aquainted with the IEW method of writing. (We've been doing it for a couple of years). But, this course is so wonderful mainly - because the talented Andrew Pudewa is the teacher!

It is incredibly well organized. I was impressed with the amount of information contained in this set. I like how we now had a common language to speak in our writing lessons. I can recognize that something isn't quite right, but telling the boys to "make it sound better" was never as effective as giving clear directions, for example, add a dress-up or some strong verbs, maybe an -ly opener would fit here. Hey - that's a banned word!

Thank you Mr. Pudewa for teaching us all to write better, and letting us giggle while doing so!

Once you take a deep look at this program (don't let the volume of information intimidate!) you'll be hooked too! Take a look at this page to get a more detailed history of IEW.

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