Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chocolate Challenge

Chocolate Challenge - Download N Go by Amanda Bennett

Okay, I "dare" you! This is your official challenge to take your children on a learning adventure about Chocolate!

You won't be able to resist, and your kiddos will be not be able to escape learning!

Download N Go Unit Studies are designed to be a 5 day learning adventure, targeted toward the K-4 crowd. But, a crowd is what is around our computer, every time we do one (I can't keep the older kiddos away...). Priced at just $7.95 per unit, you can treat the whole family. There are many topics to choose from - you're sure to find something to interest even your most picky learner!

Each unit is filled with embedded video links (no ads!), book suggestions, notebooking-style pages, and all the components for a lapbook! In addition, you get tons of suggestions for fun cooking and hands-on projects, and Family fun ideas as well. You can easily stretch this learning into much more than a week.

Perfect if you are needing a "break" week... especially Chocolate Challenge! (okay, be truthful...where do stash your "private collection" - you know, the chocolate you won't share :-)

In this unit we visited chocolate making factories, meet famous chocolatiers (that's what I want to be when I grow up), explored Brazil and had lots of adventures in our kitchen - both with science and eating!

You can take a peek into this unit here

(I was sent a complimentary copy of this unit in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the DNG Review team... it was delicious!)

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