Tuesday, October 24, 2017

UMHB Family Weekend 2017-18

I love having us all back together, it's amazing with so many that we would feel so incomplete when we aren't all together.

We spent a great couple of days with our oldest at UMHB Family weekend... We really didn't do any of the campus activities - we just did "us". First stop - Friday night pizza night.  And, everything is right again, our table is full!

My "bookends" back together - LOVE!

And these two... always like this.  Best of friends, and rivals at the same time.  

Hotels LOVE us... we're super quiet...really!

Then, it was off to our favorite park in Belton.  Oh my heart... just look at them!  They are the most amazing world changers you will EVER meet!

I love this view.  

 We'll be back soon!

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