Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Picture Smart Bible - We love It!!

We started a new Bible program this year and we LOVE IT!  By the way,  this isn't a solicited review, it's just that I have to share. I purchase this at a recent homeschool convention, after looking at it for years.

You can learn more about Picture Smart Bible here

It's very easy to use.  My girls love that they get to color, and I'm impressed with their creations!  Everything you need is included.

We had so much fun, and this was just the introduction!  The pictures (they are printed in an outline form that you trace) really help you remember what the Bible is all about.  I even got to do my own page...

This is a great company as well.  They sent me a letter - they noticed I'm a Texas customer, and offered me a free download if I had been effected by the hurricanes.  Now, that's customer service.

I HIGHLY recommend this one!

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