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Language Smarts™ Level E from The Critical Thinking Co.™: A Homeschool Crew Review

Language Arts {The Critical Thinking Co.™}
Language Arts {The Critical Thinking Co.™}

Language Smarts™ Level E from The Critical Thinking Co.™

Language Arts always leaves me questioning, "What's Missing?"  Well, not anymore! Language Smarts™ Level E from The Critical Thinking Co.™ is making sure we are covering all areas!
This full curriculum comes in a colorful, 392 page softcover book.  The level we received is for Grade 4.  It is available in levels B-F (grades 1-4).  It contains 258 assignments - about 2 lessons a day for a full year of language arts, all in one place!  This curriculum is very comprehensive, it includes a  wide variety of content area, including:
Level E (Grade 4) Content
    • Capitalization        • Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots
    • Critical Thinking        • Silent E
    • Compare/Contrast        • Singular/Plural
    • Imply/Infer        • Syllables
    • Inference        • Usage
    • Opinion        • Homographs
    • Prediction        • Homophones
    • Adjectives        • Metaphors
    • Adverbs        • Sequencing
    • Antonyms        • Similes
    • Conjunctions        • Writing
    • Interjections        • Characters
    • Nouns        • Comparing
    • Prepositions        • Conflict
    • Pronouns        • Context Clues
    • Sentences        • Drama
    • Subject and Predicate        • Editing
    • Subject-Verb Agreement        • Fiction and Nonfiction
    • Synonyms        • Idioms
    • Verbs        • Parts of a Book
    • Grammar        • Plot
    • Punctuation        • Poems
    • Colons        • Proverbs
    • Commas        • Reference Materials
    • Exclamation Marks        • Setting
    • Periods        • Story Maps
    • Question Marks        • Table of Contents
    • Quotation Marks        • Titles
    • Semicolons        • Topic and Main Idea
    • Spelling        • Using a Dictionary
    • Compound Words

 My tester is actually in third grade right now but, this was a perfect fit for her.  Right off, I added some colored tabs to our book for each section.  This way, my tester can work on a variety of exercises by doing a lesson in each of two sections each day.

I really like the wide variety of exercises.  Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, and fill in the blanks.  The color is very helpful for my daughter.  It highlights directions, word banks, etc. and makes it a visually appealing program too.

 Language Smarts™ Level E  contains exercises from The Critical Thinking Co.™ popular series - Editor in Chief and Writing Detective (both programs we use!)  These exercises focus on getting the student's to analyze what they are reading and spot errors.  My tester loved the reading selections. 

The writing section walks the student through the complete writing process - from pre-writing (with graphic organizers) to editing and publishing.  

This is a very easy-to-use and comprehensive language arts curriculum - the parent doesn't need to prepare anything, and the answers are all included in the back of the book, so you don't need to buy a teacher guide.

What a find! We have found that using The Critical Thinking Co.™ curriculum has helped our children be well-prepared for any standardized testing, and it's fun too!   Check out the sample pages and see for yourself!

Be sure to check out some of their Software the Crew is reviewing as well... makes me wish I had another Preschooler (almost!)   "Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic Before Kindergarten!™" program  and the "Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic Before Kindergarten!™"   If you need help with Sentence Diagramming: Beginning is for grades 3-12.  

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Language Arts {The Critical Thinking Co.™}

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