Tuesday, November 8, 2016

History should taste GOOD!

I get to teach HISTORY!  I love HISTORY - especially when it's yummy!

We are traveling back to the beginning this year with Ancient History (and a combination of Mystery of History - Vol. 1 and Tapestry of Grace - Year 1).

For our Co-op class - we were discussing the 10 Plagues.  What better way to make them memorable than with candy and treats...

Here's what I came up with (sorry for any fuzzy pictures...I was just too sugared up...)

Did you know...each of the plagues took on an Egyptian God, and showed our God is Greater?

 Blood - Red Gatorade       Frogs - Mint M & M's 

Lice - shredded coconut     Flies - black licorice

Disease on Cattle - animal crackers    Boils - Captain Crunch

Hail & Fire - marshmallows and red hots    Grasshoppers - Andes mints (grasshoppers...get it?)

Darkness - Dove chocolate    Death of Firstborn - Sour Patch Kids 

Pretty creative, if I must say so myself!  

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