Friday, November 4, 2016

Art Field Trip

We love the San Antonio Museum of Art - and the FREE programs they offer to homeschool students!

They get to see art close up, learn from experts - and make art themselves.  What a wonderful way to learn.  We are studying Ancient history this year, so the Egyptian Tour was right up our alley... even if it was the first field trip with only HALF of my children...sniff, sniff.

But First, the "traditional" family photos...

They get this behavior from my husband's side...

They started by looking for and sketching symbols they saw in the exhibit.

They were excited to meet Sekhmet - an Egyptian goddess in their historical literature!

After a fabulous teaching time on the artifacts, they get to head to the classroom for the project.

Hieroglyphics on papyrus!  So cool - it completely cements the learning in an unforgettable way!  

This museum is a TREASURE - make sure you take your kiddos as often as you can!

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