Monday, July 18, 2016

Road Tripping 2016- Part 2

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We loaded up the van (it's a puzzle of gigantic proportions), and hit the road again.   This vacation is truly my transformation to "full Bentz".  We truly did not know, day-to-day, our plan.  No reservations, no itinerary, no SCHEDULE... I'm not sure who I am anymore.  But, it was WONDERFUL!

Next stop - St. Louis, MO.  Just 5 hours in the van...we can do it....

We found a picnic spot off the highway in a historic park.  Double points - Free and it was educational too.

St. Louis is home to an amazing FREE zoo!  Our first stop:

 A tunnel aquarium to watch everyone swim right over you.

Everyone found their favorites.  It is one of the best zoos we've visited!

Yes,  even our teenagers still love a visit to the zoo.  Check out "his" animal...

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