Monday, July 11, 2016

Road Tripping... 2016, part 1

With our first Graduation behind us, and the departure to college looming close in our future,  this is the summer for an EPIC Bentz Roadtrip.

My nephew's wedding in Chicago gave us the perfect excuse to load up and hit the road.

Stop 1 - Conway, Arkansas

Conway will forever have our hearts.  And, after a quick map quest consultation,  we realized it is halfway to our destination!  So, we built in a major amount of fun (after a mere 12 hour drive) and spent the first part of our EPIC roadtrip in Conway!

 We got to worship at NLC!

Lunch at Larry's Pizza, with a chance to surprise Lydia's BFF this time!  We scattered kids all over Faulkner county.


A picnic with our besties (the American Girl Club)  These are our people - and these momma's are my very own version of Steel Magnolias!

This picture...was worth the trip alone.  The MCA reunited... (Masculine Club of Awesomeness)  These are some of the finest world changers you will EVER meet!

 Then, we overtook Moo-Moo's yogurt to gather all our chicks back.  A "few" of our KCA friends joined us.  This will forever be one of my most cherished memories....

Each and every one of these kids have my heart.  KCA left a forever imprint on us all!

Josh's favorite...any mine too!

My kiddos - all together!!

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