Friday, May 6, 2016

Co-op Open House

We just finished our first year with one of our new co-ops (yes, we have a few...)

What a great year learning together with other families!  This is our "big" co-op with 90+ families.  We love the enrichment style classes and the time for socializing too!.  There was something for everyone, and we made many new friends.

Thank you REACH for making Texas feel like home :-)

First and Second Grade class was one of my favorites!  My girls loved every minute of it, and I felt like a good mom...they got to do "Show and Tell" :-)

Sewing class with a hit with my teenage daughter.

Drama boy was in his element....

And,  I got to teach World Geography to the highschoolers - my very favorite class of all time.  Did I mention we ate a lot in my class?

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