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Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament from Wizzy Gizmo: A TOS Crew Review

Wizzy Gizmo Review

Wizzy Gizmo Review

Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament from Wizzy Gizmo

Great for ALL ages!   Cost - $14.99

I love new tools for Bible study, don't you?  Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament from Wizzy Gizmo is just the fun tool to add to your Bible studies this year.   Wizzy Gizmo is a brilliant inventor, who creates products to help make the Bible come alive!   This "gizmo" contains 27 - 5x9 , sturdy cardstock cards,  one for each book in the New Testament.  These cards are the perfect way to introduce the New Testament books to your children.  They would also be a handy resource to keep around for your Sunday school and Co-op classes.

The Front of each card contains a simple summary, with interesting facts, about each New Testment book.  The Author, number of chapters, and a timeline of the date of writing is included.  The main theme of the book is also listed on the front of the card.  I really appreciated that every card followed the same format, so you could easily find the same information for different books. 

On the back of the card, you will find a wealth of information to help you dive into deeper study.  An outline, key chapters, key passages and doctrines plus the key people are all listed to give you an "at a glance" snapshot of that particular book of the Bible.

Wizzy Gizmo's website offers suggestions of how to use these tools with different ages- check them out here.  These are truly something that ALL my ages can use, even myself!

What we liked best at Bentz Test Laboratory was the design.  These colorful cards are just the right size for taking with you, putting into your Bible, or even hanging on the fridge (where everyone is sure to see it!)

We also thought of all the ways we could use these cards to help us learn more about our Bible.
  • My youngest testers took a sticker, and covered the number of the book on the front of the card, and shuffled them up.  Then, they practiced putting the books of the New Testament into the proper order.

  • My older testers liked to take the cards and arrange them into a chronological order from the date of writing information, creating a visual Bible timeline.

  • We also enjoyed putting them into piles by the author who wrote that particular book. Do you know who wrote most of the New Testament?  You can SEE it when you stack them up!

  • We decided that we'll also use these cards for our family Scripture memory time. We began with posting the card on the fridge, and memorizing the Key scripture on the front.  Week by week, we'll be memorizing a key verse from each book in the New Testament.

  • With 27 books, it works out nicely for our school year plan as well.  We'll be doing a more in depth study from the information on the back of the cards.  One card per week, gets us a Bible study curriculum for our homeschool!   Best of all, we can customize the information for all the levels we have - Kindergarten through High School. 

I love the way you can use these cards in so many ways.  It's a very affordable "gizmo" that will give you plenty of ways to study your Bibles!   For your visual learners, you won't find a better way to make Bible study come alive.

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