Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Hang outs!

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words!  What's the best way to enjoy summer?  Hanging out, of course!

My delightful daughter gathered all her friend's Eno hammocks and brought them with for a visit to San Antonio. These simple, parachute, double hammocks were the biggest hit of our summer.  THIS IS NOT A REVIEW or a sponsored post (for those of you who know me)  I just couldn't resist sharing them with you...

 If you've been dreaming of that getaway, it could be a close as your suburbia back yard!

So easy, she had them set up and swinging in no time!

Guess what is at the TOP of everyone's birthday list this year?

Fun for friends too!

No spare bedroom, no problem!

My favorite sleepyheads,  Lydia is inches off the ground, but making sure she's protected, just in case she "wanted to sleepwalk".  No need, they slept safe and sound!

Hanging out was filled with  fun and family memories.  Best of all, we didn't need to pack up, rough it, or even leave the porch.

 This is a family staycation you can do!

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