Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lemonade and Multiplication!

Lemonade and multiplication... sounds like a summer math lesson.

I can't resist sharing this.  Summer afternoons can stretch into hours of "nothing to do", right?  Well, not at our house.

Lydia and her friend Sarah, came to ask if they could make a lemonade stand.  Of course, I was busy writing a review - and was about to say "not right now", when that Holy Spirit whisper answered... "Why not?"

So, I told them they should get to work on making signs - figuring that would take awhile.  Of course, we do have an abundance of cardboard around here from the move.  Off they ran.

Several minutes later, they returned - 5 signs ready to go.  Ok, not exactly ready - since all of them had misspelled "lemonad"  (note to self, move spelling up the priority list this coming year) :-)   After a quick addition to the sign,  I couldn't stall them any longer and I set off to find the lemonade mix, cups and card table.

 These sweet girls know how to work a lemonade stand - pageant waves, big smiles and complete adorableness.  But best of all was their hearts.  They decided the reason they wanted to sit out in the heat and sell lemonade was for our church's mission program!

I couldn't resist... couldn't help but wonder, would they get any customers?  I even tried my best to help them out with a Facebook post. "It's Hot and I know you're thirsty!"...

No need, God came through. In just 2 hours, they had $26!  Sarah's huge smile said it all..."This has always been a dream of mine, to have a lemonade stand!"  

I love how God takes whatever little we have to offer and multiplies it for his kingdom.

We all had a front row seat to watch him at work.  5 little girls saw how they could do something - and it matters - and I saw how often I get in the way... and how I should say "yes" much more than I say "no".

So, if your sweet children need a project to occupy a hot afternoon and ask to sell "lemonade for God" - just say YES!

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  1. Looks delicious! (Not sure about the Lemonade Sand though. I might need some more convincing to try that one.) :) When summer starts, we pack a little extra change in the car so we're ready to stop by any lemonade stands we see. Fun post!