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Motivated Moms: A TOS Crew Review

Motivated Moms Review

Organization is not my strong suit...  I need some HELP. With a larger-than-average household... it better come quickly!

I'm excited to tell you about a new find  - Motivated Moms Chore System -  Ebooks.

This system is a unique organizer.  It's not a planner that makes you feel guilty about what you haven't accomplished, but instead motivates and encourages you to make time for what you love to do to!  It's not complex or expensive either.

The Motivated Moms Chore System comes in several versions you can to choose from. You can download a Free Sample Page (this sample shows full-sized planner)  - the Ebook  -download to your computer and view or print for only $8.00!

Some choices include:
  • Full-sized with Bible readings scheduled (a schedule to read the Bible through in a year)
  • Full-sized without the Bible schedule
  • Half-sized version with and without scheduled Bible readings 
  • Full-sized “page per day” version with and without the Bible schedule
  • Half-sized “page per day” version with and without the Bible schedule
The “page per day” versions have one day of chores per day and also has lines for appointments and a box for the daily menu plan and a place for notes.  Printer toner friendly, black and white, or color versions are available.

Their app is available for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Android as well. There are Lite versions in each platform that allow you to try the system before you purchase the full version. Click here to see the apps.

I chose the Motivated Moms Chore Planner - Color version.  I already have a Bible reading plan underway, so I stayed with a simple, doable format.  Adding managing a complex planner is counterproductive to my productivity!

Chores and tasks are divided into manageable parts.  Chores are the "must dos" of the day in the left column. Tasks are the routine, but not everyday, projects to tackle as you have time.  I love this!!  I can usually remember the basic chores of my day - making the bed, cooking dinner, laundry...etc.  But where I really need help is those maintenance tasks that aren't always on my mind.  5-6 daily tasks like cleaning up the computer hard drive, decluttering the night stand, and cleaning out the van were included on each day.

Best of all, the task lists didn't just have more "work" for me... they tucked in surprises too.  Items like "pamper yourself" and "Spend time on a craft/hobby" were added in.   How often I forget to make time for these tasks when I'm working on the never ending "to do" list, Thank you for the reminders Motivated Moms!

Motivated Moms ReviewThis is an example of my planner,  it was easy to print and post on my fridge. The "week-on-the-page" format was printer friendly too.  Each day had it's own tasks, and chores had handy boxes for each day accomplished. As I accomplished a chore or task, I could check it off.  I just love checking things off, don't you?

After a few days, I realized that I could use this as a family tool too.  Since it was on the fridge, I could easily let anyone accomplish it, and check it off.  Bingo!  A chore list for all of us.  To keep it fun, I let the children pick a chore and a task from each day.  First come, first serve - and surprising better than our old system of assigning a chore for each and following up (when I remember).

With so many versions to pick from, you can find one to fit your lifestyle. Use it as a chore chart, or add in scheduled Bible Reading, Meal Planning, and a detailed time schedule.  You can make this tool work for you.

This is just the kind of easy to use, real life planner that I can work with.  Within a few weeks, our house is shaping up, and my plan is working.  Organization is creeping in - Yeah! Motivated Moms!!
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Motivated Moms Review
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