Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Father Daughter Ball - 2014

Our church - New Life Church, has a wonderful event every year.  It's the Father Daughter Ball.  Dads of all ages bring their princesses to a magical night, complete with dinner and dancing.

Our girls look forward to this every year.  A pretty dress, special hair, and of course - the corsage!

 I think Matt has the prettiest dates!

 Best of all,  they are getting to experience what being treated like God's princess is like, and they aren't going to settle for less than the best when they get older.

 NLC makes it easy for the Dads too - they give them a "Playbook" filled with reminders (don't forget the corsage) and even stationery to write their daughter a meaningful letter full of what he loves most about her.

 They pack the church every year with Fathers and Daughters of all ages.

Way to go NLC and Fathers!!

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