Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Official!

Something about seeing the sign in your yard... makes it seem REAL.

We are really moving to San Antonio, TX - I sure hope Texas is ready for the Bentz Bunch!   The last 2 weeks have a been a blur.  How under heaven did we accumulate so.much.stuff?!

Unlike our last move, my children are 4 years older, and able to be amazing helpers.  Due to our focused team effort - we pulled this house together, and got it "show ready" in record time!   Why do we wait to tackle all those "honey -do" projects until we are about to move?   I'm planning on becoming a recovering clutter addict in TX.  I'm already working the schedule to include monthly maintenance days... let's see if I can follow through.

But seriously, this move has already been a time of  spiritual growth time for me.

  •   I've realized how much we have just sat on all our "blessings" instead of letting them bless others through us.  
  • I've realized that I can trust God to take us ANYWHERE - even Texas! 
  • I've learned that we may have too many books... (opps - still working on accepting that one)   

Would you join us in praying for a successful, and quick sale, of our beautiful (dare I say - clean and DECLUTTERED) home.?   We are eager to join Dad in San Antonio as soon as possible!

A pleasant by-product of this stressful process - we are all enjoying seeing the schoolroom floor & desktops, which had become more of  myth around here,  than a reality...

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