Sunday, May 26, 2013

Surprise Getaway!

My wonderful hubby of 18 years loves to plan getaways!  I'm blessed, I know...  For our anniversary this year, he outdid himself!

First, he told me we need to "borrow a truck" because a car couldn't reach our destination.  Then, he sprung the news - "no cell phone coverage or internet".   He knows I'm not the "roughing it" type - what was he thinking?

Our "road" to the cabin... really?

As you can see... the path led us to a magnificent spot!  Deep down in a valley, surrounded by God's beautiful handiwork - the "Bushmaster".   So amazingly built, the cabin blends into the forest.  It's actually built on top of a small creek bed, resting on top of gigantic boulders as the creek runs under it.  The inside wall of the bathroom is the same boulder that the upper level deck rests on. 

It had recently rained, so the creek and private waterfall were running well.  We opened all the windows and fell asleep to the music of the running water...

We had absolutely NOTHING to do!  No phone, no internet, no restaurants to visit...  Just a hike or two, and a campfire.  Lot's of vacation conversation and a good book! (and no "roughing it" - I had a full kitchen and bathroom!)

Our only visitor - a very friendly raccoon.  He didn't like hamburgers, but did come for the s'mores!

The Longbow Resort in the middle of nowhere  (aka Prim, AR)... I suggest you getaway and go!  Mr. Pearson is an amazing host, and the history of his place is fascinating.

It was the perfect un-plug, un-wind and re-charge! 

I love my husband...

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