Sunday, May 5, 2013

A trip to Tulsa

I have a confession to make...  I'm a homeschool convention junkie!  I love the sight of a packed curriculum hall full of new homeschool treasures to discover.

The last several years,  a couple of friends and I plus our teenage sons - yes, you read that right, we like to take our teenage BOYS with us, have taken a weekend getaway to Memphis and the Great Homeschool Convention.

Sadly, this year - Great Homeschool Conventions opted not to come to Memphis.  Panic set in...where do we go to get our "fix"?  Cincinnati was a bit too far away, and the timing was off for us (not to mention the cost!)

We settled in on the Oklahoma Homeschool Convention in Tulsa, OK.  It's only about a 4 hour drive. While, much smaller in size than Memphis, Tulsa was perfect for a Tuesday/Wednesday getaway.

We loaded up the vans (teenage boys eat a gotta be prepared or you'll spend a fortune!) and hit the road.

My dear friend and I have somewhat of a reputation for being, shall I say "directionally challenged" (Yes, we did actually drive an hour the wrong direction the first time we were returning from Memphis... we had a lot to talk about!)  But,  I am extremely proud to announce, due to my superior navigation skills, we made it there and BACK without having to take a scenic detour even once!

Our sons participated in the HSLDA's Generation Joshua Program.  If you ever get the chance, don't pass it up!  They had a wonderful time learning the entire political process in a very hands-on way.  They created a party, nominated a candidate, and even had to raise campaign funds. (You wouldn't believe how helpful they can be when you have a handful of "fake money" they want...)  A favorite activity of theirs...hanging from the support beams in the parking garage...the short kid on the ground is one of mine :-)

With a smaller curriculum hall to explore, we had the freedom to relax and enjoy the speakers.  I listened to several favorites (Diana Waring, Todd Wilson) and met a few new faces (Cyndi Kinney, Barb Shelton).  Of course, I stopped by my favorite - YWAM to get the new titles to add to my collection of Christian Heroes books.  These have been my all time favorite find at a homeschool convention, you should have seen my poor husband's face when I bought the entire set our 2nd year! 

I think every homeschooling parent should plan an escape to a convention nearby.  You will come away renewed and recommitted to your calling.  Plus, it's great girlfriend time!

The hard part... jumping back into reality and school the next morning..


  1. Looks like you all had a GREAT time! Wish I could have been there to join in the fun. However, that probably would have led to more confusion with general directions. ;)
    Amanda B.

  2. Welcome to OK! We went to our first convention last year. I so fell I love with it, this year I loaded up all nine kids (the youngest being 10 days old) and hit my favorite booths at the OKC convention! Maybe next year you can travel the extra hour and a half and we could meet up! ;)