Tuesday, May 21, 2013

American Girl: Kirsten Quilts

Kirsten has taught us so many wonderful lessons!  The girls have all learned how to thread a needle, and sew a couple of simple stitches.  We've explored the reality of pioneer life.  Kirsten has encouraged us to be frugal and creative at the same time.

This meeting I got to show them how to quilt!!  I love quilts,  they feel like a blanket filled with love to me.  I have made a quilt for each of my children (actually, I'm still working on that...I have a couple of UFO's around - unfinished objects!)

I was able to share my passion, and the girls made a quilted potholder.  I hope they'll be inspired to make their own quilts someday.

Our potholders were made with a simple square.  The girls practiced their back stitching to hand sew around the outside.  Then, they did a whip stitch to bind the edges.  Finally, they were able to do a running stitch to quilt a simple design.
These are more decorative than useful - we didn't use a heat-resistant batting.  The girls also thought they'd make great doll quilts.


 I didn't keep track of what our Littles, 1/2 Pints &  MCA were up to... teaching 13 girls to quilt was plenty enough for me!

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