Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vocab Videos

From their website -

"The Vocab Videos program is based on watching humorous, memorable videos to teach vocabulary in a contextual format. Using both auditory and visual cues, each video includes a real-world representation of the meaning of a word in a way that you can easily relate to and understand. In addition to the videos, the program includes quizzes, worksheets, a multimedia flashcard maker and many other tools. Take a look around the site and you will see a host of great vocabulary learning resources for the SAT including a free SAT word list and much more. Take advantage of our free trial to get started today!"

Quizzes, worksheets, and crossword puzzles are readily accessible after viewing an episode, so that students can immediately start using their new vocabulary words. We encourage all students to make use of our awesome digital flashcard maker to create flashcards with their own images and videos for new words they encounter in any academic subject matter or reading material. 

An account includes:
  • Access to the entire video library of 500 Vocab Videos
  • Total access to an extensive suite of study resources and tools: digital quizzes, digital worksheets, multimedia flashcard maker, downloadable crossword puzzles
Small Educator discount - allows you to manage up to 20 students - $74.99

I hate to say this...I really wanted to like Vocab Videos, but - I didn't.

Their teaching philosophy is sound, their approach is engaging, and the core content of the vocabulary is excellent.  BUT - after watching several of the videos - I found them to be completely inappropriate for my teenagers!  The videos are based on spoofs of popular TV shows (which we have never seen - so the humor is completely lost on us...fine by me).  Taking the Lord's name in vain is enough to add this resource to a "no play" list around here.  Add in sarcastic, disrepectful speech and attitudes, a dating culture and more - made me decide fairly quickly this wasn't for us.

I don't want to get into a debate about allowing our children access to "pop culture" or not - that will be each family's decision.   Please make sure you preview this resource carefully before tuning in your children... you may not like what you see and hear.

 I'd be a huge fan of Vocab Videos if they would raise the level of character qualities displayed in their videos, as it is now - I can't recommend this resource.

Please check out what the other members of the TOS Review Crew thought about this resource before making any decisions - you may find another opinion expressed.

I was sent a complimentary educator subscription in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


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